Sunday, June 26, 2011

How to organize your coupons without a binder

If you don't like toting a binder with you everywhere, don't worry! I have another way you can organize your coupons! (And you only cut the ones you need... as you need them!)

Leave your inserts in tack, don't cut any coupons unless you need them. Write on the outside of your insert the date they were released. For instance on the front page of ALL my Smart Source and Red Plum today, I wrote in marker 6/26. File them in a folder, zip lock baggie, or any other filing system that works for you in date order. I have hanging file folders with the date on the tabs, I put all of my inserts in that date and use a clip to clip the different inserts together. So like today, I have 2 clips... one for Red Plum and one for Smart Source.

Once you get your shopping list together and you know what coupons you will need for your trip, just go to that insert on the correct date and clip the coupons that you need. 

Of course the down fall to this system is that if you run across a great deal that you have a coupon for and it wasn't on the shopping list, you will not have your coupons with you. BUT... the good news is... your not breaking your back clipping and sorting all your coupons every week! It also makes it a lot easier to purge your expired coupons!

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